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Have you ever imagined how life would be for the blind? How would they be able to walk in this rushing city of yours? Life is challenging for all of us but for the blind, it’s an additional challenge to survive. Imagine your CSR committing to help these blind people. Here we introduce you to Torch It. Backup plan for all the blind people that guide them throughout their journey of darkness through its product. For the last four years Torch It has provided confidence to over 100000 specially abled lives. Mr. Hunny Bhagchandi is a creator of his age and has developed many products in the field of helping the disabled, also been awarded by many, he has been into Tedx, shark tank, and much more. Many big brands trust Torch It for their CSR activities and it’s a great initiative that should be supported by many else. Here is the list of products Torchit has developed throughout the years.

You should invest your CSR in such good motivating ideas for the disabled. For more information visit Torch it website



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