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Sun Agro Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer manufacturer of Indian origin, and they understand the soil conditions, topography, and market expectations.

They are also aware of the life cycle of common pests and insects, which results in low harvests. Their thorough study of Indian topography, climate, and food habits has resulted in the production of customized products for Indian farmers.

Their products provide the best ratio of all the vital micro and macronutrients, allowing crops to develop quickly and well.

Despite the fact that Sun agri. utilizes advanced technology to make the products in a sanitary environment with the minimum human touch, the products have a longer shelf life.

As a result, the low-cost, healthy, and efficient production keeps the prices low. Their primary purpose is to provide organic products that may be utilized by any farmer to maintain growth balance and boost productivity.

There are 4 types of fertilizer –

Compost: Compost is organic waste that has decomposed through composting. Organic materials include vegetable and plant waste, as well as animal excreta.

Manure: Manure is made up of animal waste (cow dung and goat droppings). Goat manure contains a lot of nitrogen and potassium, whereas cattle dung contains a lot of nitrogen and organic carbon.

Vermipost: It is affected by a multitude of worm species degrading organic material, resulting in a varied mix of decaying food waste.

Bone Meal: It’s formed of crushed slaughterhouse waste and animal bones. This meal is high in phosphorus and amino acids. It’s a slow-release fertilizer because it’s organic.

If you want to grow your crops in a healthy way, invest in some of Sun Agri’s premium fertilizers. Contact the Sun agri. premium fertilizer today!



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