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Ratnanjali is an Ahmedabad developer who builds properties that are based on safety, health, greenery, and authenticity. Ratnanjali is a real estate notable company in the business best known for “Green and Sustainable Lifestyle. In the development toward building greener and more reasonable urban areas, Ratnanjali is progressively embracing green structure development as well as more extensive techniques and activities connected with organic and purity of nature. Ratnanjali mostly focused on giving people back the purity of old times and they pushed people to stay and live in a healthy and green environment. 

At this point, Ratnanjali is accompanying an extraordinary and novel task called Ayodhya. Ayodhya is an exceptional idea of Ayodhya joining genuineness and identity. The vision behind making Ayodhya isn’t just giving an Eco-accommodating and contamination-free way of life to the occupants, it’s a whole course of returning an individual to an Era of a brilliant and all-encompassing lifestyle. The air that Ayodhya gives you is a feel and glimpse of the medieval era. The main aim of Ayodhya is that people can find their roots and can experience a glimpse of authentic old times. Ayodhya is the stand-out idea that drives you into the mood of the medieval time that is intended to revive with a biologically and socially upgraded way of life, with every one of the conveniences that hold every one of your necessities. It makes an air that stirs your cognizant to embrace sustainability in the blessing of nature.

Ayodhya has places like:

HASTISHALA: A home for the lofty and imperial elephants who are images of harmony, mental strength, and power.

ASHWASHALA: A stable where ponies are prepared for the games exercises like polo, and jousting and are additionally prepared for pulling chariots and carts.

JAIN DERASAR: An eminent Jain Derasar made from wood, with old symbols of Jain Tirthankaras inside it, makes a comprehensive and profound air to venerate.

RAM MANDIR: A Temple where the embodiment of nobility is venerated and his qualities and lessons reverberate the name of Lord Rama in the whole Ayodhya.

NAKSHATRA VAN: A timberland-like nursery with trees that are related to stars according to Vedic crystal gazing.

LAKE LAGOON: A Lake that contacts your spirit with its glorious excellence. Encircled by unequaled woods and pleasant sound of trilling birds to include you in the fantastic lake to make you day renewal of nature.

FOREST GARDEN: Covered with lavish diminished trees that permit sufficient light from the dales.

COVERED PATHWAY: A radiant and surprising preliminary stroll which is composed of mulch and grass as opposed to asphalt.

JOGGING AND CYCLING TRACK: Tracks that are made to create your physical, mental, and profound prosperity.

YOGA DECK: For your well-being, yoga and contemplation.

PANCHAKARMA and AYURVEDA CENTER: Ayurveda to acquire the achievement of wellbeing and life span.

ARYA SANSKRITI ORGANIC STORE: Authentic and natural items to deal with your internal identity.

TREE HOUSE: A treehouse encompassed by greens to carry life to your fantasies.

TELESCOPE STATION: Telescope station to stargaze on comfortable evenings under the sparkling stars.

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA: For your children to go through their day with full frenzy and amusement.

EATERY AND CAFÉ: That is made to create your physical, mental, and otherworldly prosperity.

Experience your best memories at Ayodhya by Ratnanjali.



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