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Out of 12 cities around the world, Dholera SIR is the most developed, according to Forbes magazine. In NA Land, there are lots of chances to invest in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. All the world over, Dholera Smart City is a high-potential investment location.

For real estate investors who want to see bigger returns in less time, Dholera Investment is growing popular. To provide world-class real estate solutions, redefine living standards, and satisfy the expanding demands of the clients. 

The moment is right to make investments in Dholera SIR. It’s the perfect moment to invest because property values are currently low when compared to other established cities.

To receive great profits and the top-notch amenities of Dholera Smart City, it is always preferable to invest in Dholera SIR.

There are several opportunities in Dholera. For Indian people who want a higher standard of living as well as for investors and companies who may come and establish business up here. The quality of life one would enjoy in the Dholera smart city will be unmatched by any other metropolis.

Dholera Industrial City will have its own self-sustaining eco-system, which will include economic drivers such as industrialization, utilities and logistic infrastructure, and social infrastructures such as education, healthcare, and other public facilities.

It would be connected to Ahmedabad by 6-lane access controlled highway and MRTS (Metro Rail) on one shared corridor, offering seamless connectivity and Rail-Road transition as an effective mode of transportation between the two cities.

An SPV called Dholera International Airport Company Limited is building an international airport to the northeast of DSIR (DIACL).

The airport has already been given environmental and site approval. Defense, aviation, electronics, high-tech emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, heavy engineering, auto & auto ancillary, general manufacturing, agro & food processing, metals & metallurgical products, and other sectors have been identified as having high potential for Dholera Industrial City. DSIR will be home to non-polluting industries, fostering clean, green, and sustainable urban development that will contribute to the region’s and India’s progress.

Best wishes and happy investment!



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