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The world is challenging towards visually impaired people in comparison with the people who can see. In India, there are over eighteen million people who are blind. The inability to see anything, even light, is referred to as blindness.

Let’s get to know about blindness:

You have reduced eyesight if you are partially blind. For example, experiencing fuzzy vision or difficulty differentiating the forms of things. You can’t see anything if you’re completely blind.

Legal blindness is defined as severely impaired eyesight. A legally blind person can see what a person with normal vision can see from 200 feet away from just 20 feet away.

Blind man. People with disability, handicapped person and everyday life. Visually impaired man with walking stick, descending steps in city park.

Who is in danger of going blind?

Blindness affects the following groups of people:

· suffering from macular degeneration and glaucoma

· diabetes patients

· those who have had a stroke

· who had eye surgery

· preterm infants

If you suddenly lose your ability to see, get medical treatment straight away. Make arrangements for someone to transport you to the emergency department for treatment. Don’t sit around waiting for your vision to return.

Depending on the source of your blindness, prompt treatment may improve your chances of regaining eyesight. Surgery or medication may be used to treat the condition.

But for the people who are permanently blind Torchit has manufactured a very helpful device and named it Saarthi.

What is Torchit and Saarthi?

Torchit is a company that helps special people and especially visually impaired people. Mr. Hunny Bhagchandani is the founder of  Torchit and under Torchit company and Mr. Bhagchandadni’s guidance Saarthi device has been manufactured. Saarthi is a device that helps visually impaired people. Whenever blind people travel with the Saarthi device it will help them to give the signal when anything comes in their way and with the help of the smart device visually impaired would be able to walk independently and fearlessly.

If you want to help any visually impaired person or people or if you have anyone in your contact who is visually impaired, help them by gifting the Saarthi device so they can walk freely.



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