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A high-speed, six-lane motorway and a new metro route connecting it to the state capital of Gandhinagar are now part of the Dholera Special Investment Region, the first smart city in India for which development work has started.

The metro route, which would be constructed over a 100-kilometer span, will run from Dholera to the important cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. There will be two stages to the development. The metro will need to be developed to connect Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad in one trench, and Ahmedabad and Dholera in the second trench. Elevating Phase 1 of the route will allow for smoother transportation and will be essential for the future Dholera International Airport.

The first phase would stretch 61.55 kilometers and connect APMC/Vasna-Akshardham (Gandhinagar) to Ahmedabad junction-Thaltej through Ashram Road, Motera, and Koba circle via Delhi Darwaja. The Phase 2 route will connect KOBA Circle, GIFT City, Gandhinagar, and the Dholera airport.

A steering group was created in 2008 to oversee the progress of this metro project. The foundation of the committee, chaired by the Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department, was approved by the Honorable Minister of State.

The project was authorized under the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Master Plan and has now been prioritized by the government due to the long duration of time. The Government of Gujarat has ordered a feasibility assessment for an expansion of the metro route to the future metropolis of GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City). Previously, the Ministry of Railways (MoR) conducted a feasibility assessment for the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail network. The Gujarat government is also considering the prospect of constructing a high-speed rail line between Dholera SIR and GIFT City. 

The upcoming six-lane highway might be described as the Dholera SIR’s core spine. On the one hand, it will connect Ahmedabad to the smart city of Dholera, while on the other, it will connect Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar Port. The planned route will be access regulated and will begin as a four-lane highway with the construction of a six-lane highway.

The expressway, like the metro line, is part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Master Plan. It is projected to benefit the SIR region significantly by providing for additional developmental activities along the route.

Both initiatives will soon serve as leaders for Dholera’s and Gujarat’s general growth, therefore investing in Dholera residential property will only add to your investment’s allure. Contact us at Buy Dholera for more details.



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