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There was a time when single theatres ruled the whole world, and it had an unbelievable craze in India as well as many other countries. People at that time did not have many options to pass their time or entertain themselves. So they do not hesitate to watch one movie thrice or maybe more times in the theatre. Even at that time, one movie channel for two to three months in one theatre. However, today’s scenario is very different and drastically altered: the public now has an infinite number of platforms where they can enjoy an infinite number of their favorite content. And since the world needs changes in content and cinema showing platform service-providing industries, they also came up with a new revolution in the late 90s and early 20s of multiplex, which means more than one theatre under a single roof. 

But as we go for history, in 1930, the Regal Twins in Manchester, England became the world’s first multiplex, followed by Studio 1 and 2 in Oxford Street in London in 1936. The idea was developed in India in the early 2000s and started getting huge success. Currently, there are many brands that have created their own big names in the multiplex industry and have had huge success. Some of the names that created their huge brand value in the world movie theatre markets are Connplex, PVR, INOX, Cineplex, and a few others. The main reason for the immense success of these theatres is that they provide extraordinary services and facilities to customers, or we can say, movie lovers. 

The facilities they provide are:

  • They have comfortable seats so people can enjoy the movie without any disturbance or distraction.
  • The temperature inside the movie theatre is so balanced that people don’t feel chilled or humid inside.
  • The food and snacks they provide in the theatre are very good in quality and taste.
  • The screen quality is in 3D, HD, 4K, UHD, and 8K and is so high and is so crystal clear, that you can enjoy every moment of the movie.
  • The sound system is loud and so magnetic that you can even hear the sound of even small details in the movie. 

Today, people want these kinds of facilities and services from the theatre. And they only visit such kinds of theatres where they can experience this facility or else they don’t visit. Some theaters, including Connplex, give such kinds of facilities and services without compromising on anything, so that’s the reason such theatres are getting more and more footfall. People become so choosy these days that they don’t allow themselves to go to the movie theatre where they don’t get all the qualities they want, and that’s why Connplex is so popular among people; because Connplex gives them all the facilities and qualities the audience needs.



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