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We use fertilizer for various reasons, like: 

-To provide nutrients that are not found in the soil.

-To replace nutrients lost during harvesting.

-Nutrient balance is important for improved crop quality and output.

The world’s crops, like humans, require crucial minerals and nutrients for strong, healthy growth. Our primary industry, fertilizer production, is inextricably linked to agricultural productivity and food production. The importance of fertilizers in food production is frequently overlooked.

 Fertilizers are plant food, Fertilizers replenish the nutrients lost by crops in the soil. Crop yields and agricultural output would be dramatically lower if fertilizers were not used. Mineral fertilizers are used to enhance the soil’s nutrition stores with minerals that crops can easily absorb and utilize.

 In order to fulfill human nutritional demands in crops and meat, we must replace what we take out. The objective is to strike this balance and maintain a level of nutrients in soils that will sustain our crops without over-application.

Every crop reduces these reserves, which must be replenished with fertilizer each year and after each harvest.

If you want to fertilize your soil, Sun Agri premium fertilizer is the best fertilizer for your crop; you can see the benefits with just one use.



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