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Originally Namkeen in India was usually created at home but with the increasing number of firms arising with inexpensive and reasonable grade snacks, homemade namkeens were placed by packaged ones functional in demands and marts. Before Namkeens created a crucial portion of the dusk snacks of Indian people. It became an important part of the Indian Food market. India is home to multiple leading namkeen brands like Ganesh. 

In 1997 Ganesh Gruh Udyog began in Ahmedabad. Originally, they began on a small scale and traded merely wholesale. They currently trade in both Wholesale and Retail. They manufacture around 160 combinations of namkeens. They make all of their products with 100% Jain Recipes, Resulting in recipes free from onion, garlic and potatoes. They are vastly famous for their BANANA CHIPS which are crisp and crunchy. 

Nibbling of namkeen and snacks is a very old exercise in India. Namkeen is a part of Indian people’s daily consumption. Indians are known globally for their flavourful, zesty and spicy eating habits. The snack endeavour in India is enormous. The Namkeen market in India is marvellous and consists of both the classified and the public sectors. The public Namkeen market contains homemade and loose stocks commonly traded in small general stores. The branded or classified Namkeen element in India is boosting nearly every day. One of the prominent players in the Indian Namkeen industry is Ganesh gruh udyog. Ganesh is known for its immense assortment of top products that have been leading the Indian Namkeen industry for over decades currently. 

The Namkeen Industry

There is no denying the truth that the namkeen industry, a big portion of the snacks industry, has been thriving at an incredible speed in the nation. This maintains the growing revenue ranks, rising Urban sprawling and busy lifestyles of the metropolitans. The namkeen market in India is predicted to grow. The development of the namkeen market can be properly demonstrated by the expansion of the salty snacks market in India.

Snack for everyone 

Youngsters living healthily look for healthier and high-quality products and likewise contain curiosity about new developments. Adults peek for the brand and price as they desire to spend their money well. Therefore the quantity aspect similarly builds a critical reflection in their selection. Ganesh Gruh Udyog arises as a solution for all generations as they offer healthy & high-quality products in terms of quality & quantity too. it is appropriate for the younger generation as well as the Adult generation because they are obtaining products which are Definitely worth their money.



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