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Phlipton can address all your problems regarding traditional home solutions, such as how you can turn your traditional home into a smart home. How much does it cost? Customers, however, have one primary concern: saving money. Phlipton has a solution that can really reduce your energy bills. 

There are smart home devices having features of less energy consumption and also energy monitoring. Competing with Leading brands in the industry, Phlitpton provides you with the most affordable smart home solution. It Detects the energy consumption of each device and shutoff unnecessary power consumption. 

Smart Lights 

Smart lights are the best and most affordable way to save money. Depending on what kind of bulbs and illuminating assets you use, it is possible to reduce your energy consumption bills because smart bulbs and lights are made with LEDs. LEDs unlike other lights have more lifetimes, so identically you will hardly have to replace them. 

The most popular Phlitpon smart lights come in a wide range (Availability and RGB) of colors and shapes, giving you the option for a permanent smart light fixture. Beating Phlipton in the collection of features and compatibility is nearly impossible. 

Smart Switches

Do you still have a lot of sockets and switches in your Home? Well, it can be a hassle if you always have to turn on a different switch on a different device. Also. more switches consume more power. So Phlitpon Smart Switches are here to solve this problem. It gives multiple device options. 

Phlipton switches come with a motion-sensing dimmer that dims the light whenever no motion is detected. Which eventually saves more energy and leads to more money-saving options. 

Smart Locks 

Smart Locks are the best asset for preventing and protecting your house with minimum loss of energy. It has features like using it through application and controlling it from anywhere. So now you will not have to be afraid when you are outside and forget to lock the doors. Smart locks are really power-saving because they run on batteries and can be charged. 


Phlipton Smart Automation solution can not only transform your life into a better way but can also save power and energy that burns behind ordinary home solutions. A good energy-saving option can lead you to a better money-saving option. 



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