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A real estate agent is like your best friend who always listens to your problem. Like your Life gets all fussed up without your best friend, your investment might take you on a rough path without an excellent real estate agent. But do you know what kind of qualities should a Real estate Agent have? 

If no… Then Pay attention to a few ideas mentioned below, they will not help you find the best real estate investment agent but also make your investment hassle-free, and after all, this is all time-saving. 

  1. Knowledge of the Local Housing Market 

Dubai is a Hub for Real-Estate investment. Considering the biggest Local Housing market in the city, the agent should have a hefty knowledge of its housing market. The agent should be able to advise the client on different areas. Let’s say for an instant they should have knowledge of plans of Schools and Colleges around the Area. 

  1. Negotiation Skills

Another aspect of being a good real estate agent is having good negotiation skills. A good agent will convince and give the best plans to the clients. Negotiation skill happens to be a useful weapon when deciding the listing price and the selling price. A good agent will dedicate their time and effort to developing such skills.  

  1. Technical soundness 

With great communicational skills, the real estate agent should have good technical soundness because the whole world is wrapping around digital marketing and virtual era business. Video marketing can help showcase the properties in the best ways to the clients. Overall social media helps connect and engage with clients. 


These are considered the top 3 qualities of a real estate agent. It is true that one might have all of the qualities but it is also acceptable that one might not. RAMA Real Estate has a team with all the qualities. So if you are looking for the best real estate investment agent in Dubai, then RAMA Real Estate would always be at your service. 



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