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Ayurveda signifies dealing with the essential understanding of life. Ayurveda originated in India around 3500 years ago. 

And focuses on three main aspects of the body which are referred as tri-doshas’ (fault). Likewise, they are Vat (wind), Pit (bile) and Kaph (phlegm).

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on natural healing to prevent disease & develop immunity. Ayurveda is also known as the mother of all medication. 

While homoeopathy is a form of medicine which triggers the immune system to fight against diseases. The homoeopathic remedies are side effects free, safe & effective.

Homoeopathy formulates medicines by diluting many plants, vegetables, and synthetic materials in distilled water and alcohol in small amounts.

While the Ayurvedic way of medicine & treatment focuses on the prevention of disease. Homoeopathy enables the cure of the illness by turning on the immune system through disclosure of the symptom-causing substance and makes the body resilient to the disease. Ayurvedic medicines are made up of herbs, vegetable drugs, and minerals. 

Homoeopathy has been practised in India for over a century and a half. Homoeopathic experts tells that they strive to treat the whole person, taking into account his personality, the lifestyle he lives and genetic aspects, as well as the records of the disease.

Homoeopathy has come a long way from being an alternative way of healing to becoming a complementary method of medicine. primary healthcare selection to deal with both acute and chronic conditions. allopathic doctors are also welcoming homoeopathy like never before. 

History tells us that India has emerged as a hub for the development of Ayurveda and homoeopathy. Ayurveda originated in India while homoeopathy came to India so many years ago and has developed into a way of healing. 

Homoeopathy is safe and effective and is a side-effects-free way of treatment. 

After the pandemic, everything went online and even doctor consultations were set in online motion, which is beneficial for everyone. Now we can consult a doctor just by booking an appointment on our phones or laptops. Sehat online is a platform which provides online homoeopathic treatments & consultations for any kind of health-related issues. Sehat Online is working as a blessing when it comes to healing people via Homoeopathy



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