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Homoeopathy dates back to the 1800s as a healing tradition and has now been popularized as a holistic approach to treating illnesses.

The approach focuses on treating an individual as a whole at the root level, in light of considering mental, psychological and social factors, instead of suppressing the symptoms of an illness. Homoeopathy uses natural sources that are prepared in accordance with FDA standards.

Homoeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. In other words, substances that cause symptoms of a disease in healthy people can cure similar symptoms in sick people. Homoeopathic practitioners believe in prescribing medication which matches the patient’s symptoms and complaints the most according to their individual assessment. They examine the individual on the basis of their lifestyle, childhood, hereditary health problems, family issues, sleep cycles, hobbies and interests, social background, coping mechanisms and response to challenges and difficulties.

If one thing has become more evident recently, it’s the uniqueness of symptoms.
It is about personal experience and expression.
It may be the same virus, disease, or diagnosis.
Yet is so very different when it comes to dealing with it physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thus the aim is to treat the person, not the symptom.

Homoeopathy provides remedies for a wide range of health concerns with its individualized approach. It helps with allergies, arthritis, gastric troubles, insomnia, hair and skin problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD and more with the singular objective to strengthen the body’s natural healing ability.


A hectic lifestyle and its downside are a major concern today resulting in complex health issues which are often overlooked in between stressful routines. In such a scenario a platform like Sehat Online is of great help enabling us in consulting homoeopathic experts from all over the world and evaluating the root cause of health problems at the ease of our homes in the hour of need. Such a platform makes it easy for patients to connect to well-trained doctors at any given point in time. With video calling facilities and e-prescriptions, the entire consultation process is a lot easier and time-saving.

Sehat Online aims at treating acute and chronic ailments at an affordable cost effectively and conveniently without any side effects. Facing any health troubles? Book an appointment with Sehat Online right away and let the experts help and assist you.



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