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A root canal is a restorative procedure used by dentists to save the natural tooth and avoid unnecessary painful tooth extractions. Getting a root canal is relatively painless, extremely effective, and nothing like old sayings with advanced modern-day techniques. With state-of-the-art technologies at clinics like The Smile World, patients are assured to have a fearless dental experience.

Root canal treatment is performed to remove an inflamed and infected pulp to save from complete tooth loss. The pulp is then removed and the canal is thoroughly disinfected. The canal is filled with an artificial filling material and sealed. Finally, a restorative element such as a crown is placed on the root canal-treated tooth structure to provide strength. The whole process is performed under anesthesia so that the patients are completely relaxed.

Doctors at The Smile World, Dr. Meera Shah and Dr. Jubin Patel make an extra effort for their patients to feel at ease through the entire process with a warm and friendly attitude. With their expertise and excellence, both experts aim at assisting their patients with the best treatments and an experience free of fear. 

A few symptoms, like persistent tooth pain while chewing and biting, decaying and swollen gums, chipped or cracked tooth and sensitivity to hot and cold sensations indicate the need for a root canal.

Why is a Root Canal a better choice than Tooth Extraction?

The first and foremost reason is patients can preserve their natural teeth through a Root Canal. While a tooth extraction will leave them with a gap in the mouth affecting their appearance, ability to speak clearly, and trouble while chewing.

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the two options, patients consider a lot of different factors and experts at The Smile World help them in making the right decision.

The first is the cost involved, initially, having a tooth extraction might be an affordable choice but, in the long run, it is best to have a Root Canal done. Because if one prefers to fill in the gap by having the tooth extracted, it requires dental bridges and implants which are usually expensive. On the other side, a Root Canal requires less maintenance and can last for a long time with proper dental hygiene. In addition, many dental insurance plans also cover root canal treatments.

Further, despite the myths and conceptions, with modern techniques, root canal treatment is painless as compared to tooth extraction. Patients can go back to their routine lives, with their natural smiles, enjoying the food they love the most without any worries.

Lastly, after the root canal treatment, dentists ensure that the infection won’t spread to the jawbones or soft tissues. The recovery is surprisingly quick, following the guidelines and instructions for aftercare.

The result of a root canal treatment is a crown which looks and functions like a natural tooth or even better. 

Thus, a root canal is the best option to get rid of the infection in the pulp of your tooth and retaining your natural smile.



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