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Namkeens have been an integral part of Indian lives, for all the right reasons. Indians love to munch on these savoury snacks throughout the day. Whether it’s binge-watching over OTT platforms, an urge for something ‘khata mitha’ along with meals, a saviour in between meetings at work, or simply a must-have tea-time companion. Plus, it’s a favourite amongst all age groups. With the distinct variety and flavours available in the market, namkeens have stolen Indian hearts for over decades now. No wonder why the market for namkeen and snacks industry in India is booming and witnessing unprecedented growth and potential for rapid expansion.

While munching on these savouries is something that the Indians truly enjoy, they also look for quality, variety and authentic taste of namkeens. That is when Ganesh Gruh Udyog, one of the most reliable and reputed manufacturers enters the picture. Ganesh Gruh Udyog is committed to serving a wide range of premium quality namkeens with the perfect taste to satiate your cravings.

What makes Ganesh Gruh Udyog Namkeens stand out?

Ganesh Gruh Udyog manufactures all its products using 100% Jain recipes, eliminating the usage of onion, garlic and potatoes. Their products are healthier than a lot of other oily snacks available in the market.

Why? Because they make use of the latest technologies, prioritizing the quality and packaging of products and the health of consumers.

Starting on a small scale in Ahmedabad, with a commitment to quality and support from consumers Ganesh Gruh Udyog has come a long way, dealing both in wholesale and retail today.

Ganesh Gruh Udyog favourites to relish!

  1. Banana Chips : Crispy and crunchy banana chips, one of the most popular, loved and best-selling at Ganesh Gruh Udog. Available in delicious flavours-tomato, red chili, pizza, tandoori banana chips.
  2. Khakras : Healthy alternative to junk snacking options. Available in different flavours-jeera, methi, schezwan, thepla, pani puri khakras.
  3. Chana Dal : Scrumptious and crunchy snack to munch on for those who love spicy zesty flavours.
  4. Namkeen mixtures and chevdas : Ideal for serving guests on potlucks, tea parties, dinners with a taste no one can resist.
  5. Puri : Be it mornings or evenings, you cannot miss this with a hot steaming cup of tea.

Ganesh Gruh Udyog believes in delivering authentic taste with quality ingredients that the consumers desire. With distinctive variety and flavours, it offers tasty, crunchy, relishing, yummy namkeens to satisfy your cravings. Ganesh Gruh Udyog follows rigorous quality checks and promises to deliver delicious namkeens all over India, with its online platform.



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