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Crypto Innovation Technology


CelebsNFT is an innovative platform that offers exclusive and extraordinary NFTs of famous personalities of the metaverse. The platform’s NFTs are not AI-generated, but instead

Innovation Technology

Philpton transforming the world

As time is getting more and more modern-day after day, technology is getting more and more updated with it. The world is transformed into a

Innovation Realestate Technology

A smart Investment in a Smart land

Dholera is a modern smart city in india. Not only build on new lands but also built with the latest techniques of real estate. Nowadays

Realestate Technology

Dholera Sir – The Smart City

The Dholera Special Development Region, the first smart city in the nation for which construction work has begun, currently includes a high-speed, six-lane highway and

Innovation Technology

How Can Solar Products Help Hospitals and other industries? By URON OMS

In India, where power failures and lengthy power cuts are common occurrences in rural regions, the necessity of providing power to hospitals cannot be overstated.

Business Technology

Uday Autolink- The transitions to your wheels

Every wheel gives the new craze to the buyer as they purchase with hopes that their decision would incline their happiness and this is what

Crypto Innovation Technology

Purple X and The other rising cryptocurrencies soon to be the mainstream currency

Currencies like Bitcoin developed a little more than a decade ago as a new type of money created for the internet, allowing people on opposite

Innovation Technology

Philpton Automation’s contactless technology for safer built environments.

In today’s world, individuals desire to be connected to and work with technology. That is one of the primary reasons why technology is improving and

Movie theaters Technology

Celebrating The Cinema Week, This is how a Cinema Chain in India Celebrates.

As the cinema sees a huge come back post-covid in the entertainment sector, The Connplex Theatres Show their passion towards the industry by offering Tickets

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